WINTER'S GHOST, Paranormal Mystery Novelette

Winter's Ghost
Paranormal Mystery Novelette
By Elizabeth Eagan-Cox
Published, Winter 2014-2015
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Libby Prater moves to Tyler, Texas to find the perfect residence to suit her needs as a home office for her interior design business. At her aunt's urging, Libby purchases the historic 1920's era, Winter's House, a showcase of Colonial Revival architecture located in the Charnwood district. But, before Libby can call the house a home, she must unravel a hidden mystery in order to bring peace to the spirit that haunts the house:

I remember the first time I saw the ghost. I went to inspect the Winter's House on an icy January afternoon. The home was vacant, without heat, but not without electricity and water. I was on the first floor in the dining room, examining the building plans.

As I moved to step back into the living room, I felt a tug at the back of my jacket. I turned around in time to see a young boy standing in the kitchen doorway. With his right arm raised, he pointed to the kitchen. 

Stifling a gasp, I said to him, "Hello. May I help you?"

The child remained frozen in place. I took a few steps closer. 

"Hello?" I repeated. I felt my voice quiver, my heart race, and my hands tremble. Who was this young boy? How did he get in? What is he pointing at in the kitchen? Dare I step closer? Three more steps and I would be standing right over him. I took one step closer.

"Who are you?" I whispered

He turned and faced me, and in a forlorn and barely audible voice he begged, "Please Miss, let me out. I can't locate the door."

I looked down at a hideous face that had little resemblance to anything human. How had this child been disfigured? With my hands stuffed into my pockets, I clenched my fists to steady my nerves, and answered, "The door is to the right of the sink. You can exit there." 

"No, Miss. It's stuck," he whimpered.

I stepped around him and walked over to the kitchen door, determined to let this young child out of the home I wanted to purchase. I grabbed the door's handle and opened it. I turned around to show him. 

"The door is open. You can leave." 

The boy stayed in place. He gazed up at me with lifeless, unseeing eyes. And, before I could utter another sound, he vanished right before my eyes.

Then, I screamed.


The image below is of the original house plans for the
Winter's House.