VOODOO GHOST, Paranormal Mystery Novelette

Voodoo Ghost, Paranormal Mystery Novelette. 

Released Autumn, 2015. Setting is in New Orleans, LA.


October 20, 2015. 
Claire Brooks penned this email to her cousin Jack:

In a coveted section of the French Quarter, there is a gray and white double gallery townhouse. Built in 1868, the cottage was filled with love and pleasant memories up until November first, 1958. That day, the morning after Halloween, the home's occupant, Miss Josette Vernay, was found murdered, stabbed to death, sprawled face down in Pirate's Alley, near Jackson Square. Josette's friends and family claimed that when Josette died, so too, her home died. 

Police investigation of Josette's death was quick, sloppy and rendered no results. The house remained vacant until 1962 when a local businessman purchased the home as a rental income property. Tenants rarely stay beyond a few months. Over the last few decades reports of unnatural happenings have earned the cottage the nickname "Voodoo Ghost House." Neighbors believe that Josette's great-grandmother, voodoo queen Lalique Vernay, will not rest until Josette's murderer is known. 

I've been hired to solve the mystery of Josette's death. I'm moving into the cottage a few days before Halloween. Jack, I need your help. Please come and stay at the house with me, and bring Leo. 

Love, Claire.
PS- Hugs and ear noogies to Leo.