Thursday, March 8, 2018

Never Too Early for Autumn!

I realize this is March, but is it too early for Autumn? 


I gave up writing and have recently returned to sculpting clay art dolls. Autumn is my favorite time of year, so. . . of course an Autumn theme is what my imagination insisted on for my re-entry into sculpting, which I have not done in 20 years!

My first vignette is of "Ambrose" a friendly scarecrow. 

Please visit my other blog: "Unique Sculpted Dolls"  for much more info and photos about my one-of-a-kind dolls. 

I created Ambrose by making his 'skeleton' an aluminum wire armature and then I covered the armature with a soft body of wrapped batting. I sculpted his head, hands/forearms, feet and lower legs, from polymer clay. He has French paperweight glass eyes, and rag hair that I made. 

His head was created first and from the size of his head I proportion the rest of his body. In sculpting, the size of the head determines the ratio/proportion of all other aspects.

I have a designated clay oven located in my garage, in which the various pieces are cured ("baked").

I made his beanie cap and matching under-sweater (beneath is shirt). His shirt and pants were purchased.

In this vignette, I sculpted the following accessories: All the pumpkins, all the ears of corn and the bird seed bag that Ambrose has. I made all the signs. The hay bales, little crows, larger canvas corn bag, fence and crates were purchased. I stained the crates. 

Ambrose is about 12 inches in height, he is self-supporting and pose-able. The polymer clays used were: Premo, Kato and Fimo.

I heard rumors that Ambrose went missing from the Pratt's Apple Orchard. Just the other day, Ambrose was seen at the Hickory Hill Farm produce stand. . . Shhhh, let's not tell Pratt's Apple Orchard where Ambrose is.  

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