Wednesday, August 30, 2017

It's Official!


"IT" What? You might ask. 

I'm no longer in the writing biz... My books and novelettes are kaput... no longer available at retail, first-time sellers, bookstores and shops. Yes...this means my titles are no longer for sale at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo and all other bookstores, in cyberspace or at walk-in stores. 

So... BUYER BEWARE! If you see my titles, in ebook or paperback or any other format for sale... including the above-mentioned stores, you are not dealing with a first-hand retail seller. And, quite possibly the titles that are being offered for sale, which are being sold by third-party retailers, are used (obtained from who knows where???) secondary remainders, and possibly Pirated copies of draft editions of the books. Draft editions are not the final-approved edited version initially offered to primary booksellers. 

Unfortunately, on sites such as B&N, Amazon and others, the books that are still listed are coming from third-party book dealers and are not vetted for their stock... hence the very real possibility that the titles have been pirated. 

Also, there is a great deal of price gouging of the books.... this should be your first clue about the origin of the books.

So, do not get burned... you heard it here, from the author's mouth. Do not buy these titles. I am officially out of print, out of business, out of ink!

It was a good run, and like all good things. . .  it came to an end. 

Elizabeth Eagan-Cox
August 30, 2017.