Sunday, March 22, 2015

HUNGRY GHOST now in USA and UK at Barnes and Noble NOOK!

HUNGRY GHOST is now at these major ebook retailers: Smashwords, KOBO Books and Barnes & Noble NOOK in USA/UK!

Link to NOOK:

Link to NOOK:

Link to KOBO Books in US, Canada & Europe:

Link to Smashwords:

Read more about HUNGRY GHOST on this blog, select tab at menu bar at top. 
The above sites have free read of the first chapters.

Amazon KINDLE users: Smashwords has HUNGRY GHOST in KINDLE "mobi" format.

HUNGRY GHOST is now at KOBO Books, Canada & Europe

March 22, 2015. KOBO BOOKS, major book and ebook distributor to Canada and Europe now has HUNGRY GHOST. Use the link below to see the listing at KOBO.

Read more about HUNGRY GHOST here on this blog. Choose HUNGRY GHOST from the tab on the menu above. 

Hungry Ghost is now at Smashwords, KOBO and their affiliates. In the next few days it will be at Barnes and Noble NOOK.

Friday, March 20, 2015


HUNGRY GHOST, Paranormal Mystery Novelette was released to Smashwords as an ebook on March 18th. Look for it at Barnes and Noble NOOK and KOBO Books in the days to come. Read additional information, including a teaser and photos, from the page menu at

And, read the first few chapters for free at Smashwords. (

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Get Ready For a HUNGRY GHOST!

Spring 2015... HUNGRY GHOST

Coming soon... A New Orleans-based paranormal mystery novelette. 
(check back for details).