Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Just in time for Winter... WINTER'S GHOST is at Barnes and Noble NOOK!

There's nothing quite like a cozy mystery for winter reading!  My newest paranormal mystery novelette: WINTER'S GHOST is now available on the Barnes and Noble NOOK, here in the USA and in the UK. Only $1.45. 

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Read more about it here on my blog (see menu above) or go to Barnes and Noble and read the first chapters for free. Get ready for the chilly winter  weather... stay  inside and read a mystery!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Bullies on Amazon and GoodReads

(by popular request, I'm sharing/re-posting this editorial that I wrote last year.)

Stop the Bullies on GoodReads and Amazon.
 (copyright by Elizabeth Eagan-Cox)

Recently, a author friend told me he rarely participates in GoodReads ("GR"), especially now that Amazon owns GR.

I’m not a huge fan of GR, and I am rarely on it simply because of a time issue… I do not have much of it these days and if I had more time, I would be more involved with social networks. Anyway… my friend once sang GR’s praises on how it was an excellent venue for an author to help get the word out about his novels (hmm, should point out that my friend is a professional author, not self-published).

Lately, though, he has become frustrated with GR, saying that the ‘hive mentality’ of GR’s bullies and commentators has gotten out of hand. He pointed to a bio of an official and self-chosen anonymous identity of a GR Librarian as an example of poor behavior by a GR staff member (verbatim): "I will never ever buy a book from an author who self-promotes, un-solicited, on GoodReads. This is a book lovers site, not a used car lot" – Jennifer, member since July 2008. Note: "Jennifer" is the only identity listed for this GR Librarian.

Amazon and GR encourages authors to purchase ad space, and it is not cheap. GR has specific do’s and don’ts about where, on GR, an author can post (for free) a comment that might be interpreted (or misinterpreted) as promotion… including an announcement about a free giveaway/contest of book(s) for GR readers. 

This being the case, the opposite is true in regard to a paid-for advertisement… a purchased ‘solicited’ promotion is okay with GR, regardless of the fact that the ad will be displayed in the sidebar of GR sections/pages/groups that the book subject is not necessarily pertinent to… yet, is permissible… because, well…it was paid for and therefore is not un-solicited? Okay, I get it. GR is a retail site and they need revenue to operate… and so do authors.

My thoughts… I was once a librarian, a real-life librarian at a school district for 21 years. I would never discourage an author, whose books are read by my patrons, by issuing insults referencing their work as a "used car lot."  Authors and readers co-exist in an equal exchange of needs and desires, one does not exist without the other. I would hope that the guardians of writing, such as booksellers and librarians, would act in fairness and appreciate the two sides to this coin... allowing for equal representation. Alas, I know this not to be true.

Amazon and GR are guilty of allowing hate-spewing puppet reviews, what I call "slamming." And the reviews I’ve read aren’t true reviews, in the journalistic and librarian tradition. The so-called reviews are opinions that are, all too often,  driven by ego, envy, hive mentality and/or the covert ‘make-money-at-home’ schemes of a person being paid to leave a rave review and/or a bad review. Fair play is rarely, (if ever, according to my friend) a requirement.

Equally unreliable is a reader’s awareness of the quirky nature and business of publishing technology. Hence, the uninformed reviewers that rant about typos and mechanics in a world of word processing and manuscript formatting technology that is never in agreement with all the various ebook and hardprint distributors or retailers. Recently, I re-read Fried Green Tomatoes and came across the same kind of typos/spelling/punctuation glitches that readers have complained about in books (including my own books).

However, I know that the various retail editions of formatting (ebook and hardprint) all too often change homonyms (are/our) substitute punctuation and divide compound words, to name a few of the glitches that are common. I know it will be a cold day in Hell before publishing will ever change because it involves brand-name technology. Brand names do not share their technology, and because of this, there is not a practical sure-fire format in which a publisher can assure that the error-free manuscript they have turned over to the brand name retailer will be the same manuscript that is prepared for retail. I know these facts to be true, not because I work in the industry, but because I am a reader and I make a point of staying informed about a pastime I love and respect.

Getting back to my friend… At his urging I visited Amazon and GR and I read random reviews from different genres of fiction. I am agreement with my friend that at Amazon and GR, good manners and common decency have been replaced by the arrogant power of an anonymous person being given the very broad audience of an international soap-box to carelessly rant about another person’s work...  and this is done in a manner that exhibits no conscience for the fact that many of the authors are trying really hard to earn a living, just pay the bills and put food on the table. 

I cannot but wonder how many of the Amazon and GR reviews/opinions are posted by anonymous people who would never face a neighbor and say the same words, speak the very same ugly thoughts… IF they had to owe up to their personal identity and do so face to face?

Do all the reviewers, posters and commentators on Amazon and GR staff behave so badly? NO. Thankfully, no.

But beware… the bullies are growing in numbers.

Elizabeth Eagan-Cox… my real name.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Introducing Corlah Kellian, in a paranormal cozy mystery novelette: River Ghost. September 2014. Look for it at your favorite ebook retailers.

Many  popular ebook retailers now have this book, in USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Hungary, Australia, Central Europe and South America. It's available in numerous ebook formats: Nook, Kindle, Epub. Apple IBooks, formats for tablets and PC, and much more. Most of the retailers offer free sample chapters. Check with your ebook retailer.

River Ghost, a paranormal mystery novelette by Elizabeth Eagan-Cox. 

Autumn, 2014 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Corlah Kellian, owner of the contemporary paddle wheel gambling boat, River Ghost, moonlights as a ghost investigator. She's on assignment at the antebellum Oak Grove Plantation, whose owners plan to turn it into a bed and breakfast inn, if Corlah can get rid of the ghost. 15,000 words. ISBN: 9781311002839

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Hands down... my crippled right thumb and fingers have spoken. Stop now or face losing use of your hands and fingers (my left hand is running a close second in the R.A. marathon of pain).

There will not be another novel. Rather, I choose to use my hands for the activities I simply cannot enjoy life without: Sewing cat-patterned pajamas (for myself, not for Abby Rose or Lucy Victoria); home canning jams, relishes and salsa to put-up and savor throughout the year (my Serrano Salsa is a hands-down favorite in my community); Making my own glycerin soap and cocoa butter skin lotion and cream... part necessity (septic safe, environmentally wise... and part luxury... so very fragrant and kind to skin); Continue in exploring the past with genealogy and research... I've begun helping others discover their past, and I am doing so on a voluntary basis... much the same way I assist professional ghost investigators with behind-the-scene background research. 

I will continue to work on my genealogy... Recently, I sent in my 5th application to D.A.R. for a Rev. War patriot. Connecting this particular line will open the doors to others in this lineage. I burned the wick at both ends to break through the cobwebs of time and (at last!) document my Prater/Prather lineage with the hardcore evidence the will satisfy the stringent requirements of D.A.R. From 2014, back in time to 1756... I have once again visited with my own ghosts and in doing so, discovered a little more about myself. In genealogy there is a saying... to know oneself, you must know your past. "Blood memory" is what we (the Celts) call this knowledge  gained from exploring and documenting the lives of those who walked before us, the lives of those who are part of who we are... in body, mind and spirit.

The pain and stiff, crippled joints... this is nothing new... I've dealt with arthritis ever since I was diagnosed with it, as a teenager. Now, after decades I've reached the crucial point where I must decide when, and to what degree, I will use my hands and fingers. The downturn in the economy and the havoc that other issues, such as e-book pirating, the collapse of many excellent retailers (such as Fictionwise), the cost in time and finances to promote has taken its toll. As much as I love Shannon Delaney, it is time to close that door.

I may pen a short story now and then...