Thursday, March 8, 2018

Never Too Early for Autumn!

I realize this is March, but is it too early for Autumn? 


I gave up writing and have recently returned to sculpting clay art dolls. Autumn is my favorite time of year, so. . . of course an Autumn theme is what my imagination insisted on for my re-entry into sculpting, which I have not done in 20 years!

My first vignette is of "Ambrose" a friendly scarecrow. 

Please visit my other blog: "Unique Sculpted Dolls"  for much more info and photos about my one-of-a-kind dolls. 

I created Ambrose by making his 'skeleton' an aluminum wire armature and then I covered the armature with a soft body of wrapped batting. I sculpted his head, hands/forearms, feet and lower legs, from polymer clay. He has French paperweight glass eyes, and rag hair that I made. 

His head was created first and from the size of his head I proportion the rest of his body. In sculpting, the size of the head determines the ratio/proportion of all other aspects.

I have a designated clay oven located in my garage, in which the various pieces are cured ("baked").

I made his beanie cap and matching under-sweater (beneath is shirt). His shirt and pants were purchased.

In this vignette, I sculpted the following accessories: All the pumpkins, all the ears of corn and the bird seed bag that Ambrose has. I made all the signs. The hay bales, little crows, larger canvas corn bag, fence and crates were purchased. I stained the crates. 

Ambrose is about 12 inches in height, he is self-supporting and pose-able. The polymer clays used were: Premo, Kato and Fimo.

I heard rumors that Ambrose went missing from the Pratt's Apple Orchard. Just the other day, Ambrose was seen at the Hickory Hill Farm produce stand. . . Shhhh, let's not tell Pratt's Apple Orchard where Ambrose is.  

TIP: Place your cursor over a photo and click to enlarge the photo. . . doing so provides a closer look. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

It's Official!


"IT" What? You might ask. 

I'm no longer in the writing biz... My books and novelettes are kaput... no longer available at retail, first-time sellers, bookstores and shops. Yes...this means my titles are no longer for sale at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo and all other bookstores, in cyberspace or at walk-in stores. 

So... BUYER BEWARE! If you see my titles, in ebook or paperback or any other format for sale... including the above-mentioned stores, you are not dealing with a first-hand retail seller. And, quite possibly the titles that are being offered for sale, which are being sold by third-party retailers, are used (obtained from who knows where???) secondary remainders, and possibly Pirated copies of draft editions of the books. Draft editions are not the final-approved edited version initially offered to primary booksellers. 

Unfortunately, on sites such as B&N, Amazon and others, the books that are still listed are coming from third-party book dealers and are not vetted for their stock... hence the very real possibility that the titles have been pirated. 

Also, there is a great deal of price gouging of the books.... this should be your first clue about the origin of the books.

So, do not get burned... you heard it here, from the author's mouth. Do not buy these titles. I am officially out of print, out of business, out of ink!

It was a good run, and like all good things. . .  it came to an end. 

Elizabeth Eagan-Cox
August 30, 2017.